Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Taste Matters

Having just seen my first Taste Matters review go live on, I thought it was time to introduce Blogging into my life....see where it takes on all the things that The Cutlery Club (my freelance writing, pr, networking business)gets involved with; from lunches in lovely places, to meeting interesting people that make the world go round. And of course, there is my genuine passion of food and wine -which lead me to write the Taste Matters column - and sharing it with interesting folk, so I see this blogging thing almost as a diary entry; a chance to share some of those great moments with anyone that's interested. And if they're not, then nothing lost really.....these diary entries will provide me with a memory box when dimentia kicks in, which is likely if the past 2o odd years of hedonism are anything to go by!

Ok, so on the food front, been cooking at home a lot lately and last night I threw together linguine with bacon, peas, St Agur and walnuts, in a creme fraiche and mascarpone sauce. No good if you're on a diet but bloody delicious nonetheless. Having worked with some great Italian chefs over the past decade, dishes like this come naturally now. I was doubtful about the peas, but they added a little colour and asparagus is out of season, if there is such a thing anymore. If anyone wants my thrown together recipe, I'll do my best to provide it.

Boun appetito. (Hope I've spelt that right, otherwise my Italian buddies will have something to say about it!)

Looking forward to my blogging days...or should I say, diary days?

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