Thursday, 20 May 2010

Food for Mastermind Contestants.

A quick and easy supper when you’re in a hurry is this lovely homemade coleslaw with some smoked fish, like Mackerel. Serve with some fresh beetroot (not the pickled jar variety, please) and you’ve got a great little supper on your hands (plate). Uncooked, fresh fruit & veg, combined with high omega fish - you don't get any healthier than this.

If you’re not ready for Mastermind after this little lot, you never will be.

Apple Coleslaw

What you need:

200g white cabbage
200g carrot
100g apple (preferably pink ones)
50g onion (preferably mild)
25g sultanas
25g walnuts – crushed a little
½ lemon, juiced
Mayonnaise to taste – choose a good quality one

What to do:

1 Coarsely grate all the vegetables and apples.
2 Mix in sultanas and walnuts.
3 Squeeze over lemon juice, and mix in mayonnaise to taste.
4 Chill and serve.

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