Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The King's Head Review

The place, the memories….

As with all relationships, they have their ups and their downs. So, after a period of detached absence it was back to the King’s Head, my old ‘local’ and probably the most iconic pub in Winchmore Hill; its iconic status drawn mostly from the building itself – bold, beautiful and perched majestically on the green, for all to esteem. It doesn’t disappoint inside either; it’s got that lovely unpretentious feel about it and an open fire that creates a warm focal point and coveted place to gather with friends. I’ve been coming to this pub on and off for about 20 years and suffice to say, there’s been some good times and some bad times, and more recently some cold times (it’s not that easy to heat a building of this size you know!) But it has something that always pulls me back. Maybe it’s the memories - I drank my first tequila shot here on New Year’s Eve 1989, and was promptly chastised for dancing on the ‘throne’. “Don’t sell tequila then” I drunkenly retorted. Now I tend to avoid pubs where cocky young girls throw back shots of tequila and dance on chairs (unless I'm having a relapse) and I aim for somewhere that serves good food and fine wines……like the King’s Head! Ironically, it would seem that we’ve done our growing up together. And it’s hard sometimes not to be nostalgic for the days of our miss-spent youth and lock-ins, when we all knew the landlord/lady and smoked fags all night. Times have changed and so have we; we’re 20 years older for a start! Jeronimo Inns now manage this prize site, adding it to their already impressive portfolio of ‘great neighbourhood bars in London villages’. Their company ethos is sound and they are a group that looks long and hard at what they do, not taking anything for granted, so not surprisingly they have a good little team in here, looking after customers that, reassuringly, have been coming here for even longer than I have. The food was ok - a bit hit and miss and nothing I couldn't have made at home myself, so they won't be winning any awards. Neverthess, it was better than the time before, so if they remain consistent, they might win a few more hearts back.  Read my full review at

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  1. Pearl of wisdom from Napoleon Bonaparte...
    "A Throne is merely a bench, covered in velvet."

    And surely they are designed to be danced on if you're young enough to have the energy to do so!?